2016 Vineyard Tour Fundraiser - 10/9/16

The New York State Troopers Emerald Society is founded for the purpose of promoting fraternity amongst its members in the finest traditions of Celtic heritage.

In an effort to continue this mission, we will endeavor to maintain a connection that law enforcement, historically has, with the distinct ribbon of the Celtic Culture that has been interwoven with the past, present and future of law enforcement.

Our society will look to benefit its membership, the law enforcement community and the public while promoting the cultural heritage that we share.

We shall strive to exchange information and enhance communications amongst our members and within other community entities.

We will encourage our members to maintain themselves in an authorized and accepted manner, that they will be able to serve their communities in a more courteous, intelligent and efficient manner.

We will always strive to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of New York and to instill and preserve in its members, the heritage of their Celtic culture.

For further information on what NCLEES is doing please go to the following site: ncleesrelief.org