2016 Vineyard Tour Fundraiser - 10/9/16

Founders: Gary Lewis, Kenny Gein & Ed Gillespie
The New York State Troopers Emerald Society is a fraternal Organization whose purpose is to unite, commemorate and celebrate the Irish and Celtic heritage of the members of the New York State Troopers.

Today approximately 12% of the US population is of Irish Decent. The Irish American people have made contributions and served the people of the United States from our Country’s very beginnings. The Irish American people have helped to build America in many ways. In service, The Irish have traditionally taken up positions as Police, firefighters and in the military. In every US military conflict in our history, from our colonial conflicts and the Revolutionary War right through the current military actions being carried out today, Irish Americans have historically bled and died in service of the United States of America.

In the 1840s America adopted many Irish born as they fled "The great Irish Famine." These people adopted the slogan of “An Gorta Mor” (never forget the Great Hunger). As America provided salvation for the Irish people they eagerly took up the opportunities to better their lives and the lives of their families. These new Americans of the Emerald Isle filled the ranks those who served in the Military, Police and as Firefighters.

In the 1860s nearly half of the New York City Police Department were Irish born or of Irish decent. By 1910 New York City had more people of Irish decent living in it than in the entire population of Dublin.

In 1917 the New York State Police came into existence. Naturally, many of those who served as Troopers were of Irish decent. This is still the case today as many of the New York State Troopers share Irish heritage.

In 2009 two such Troopers took up the task of forming the New York State Troopers Emerald Society. Trooper Edward Gillespie and Trooper Gary Lewis began to organize and bring together Members of the State Troopers who shared in their dream of an Emerald Society for the State Police. Trooper Kenneth Gein, Investigator Michael Franz, Investigator Michael O’Sullivian and Investigator Robert Swanson came together with Troopers Gillespie and Lewis to make up the first Board of directors (the Executive Council). Together with the membership of the New York State Troopers Emerald Society Inc. they hope to forge an organization which will provide service and charity as well promote and celebrate the Irish and Celtic culture that they share.

President: Edward Gillespie
1st Vice President: Gary Lewis
2nd Vice President:
Treasurer: Kenneth Gein
Secretary: Andrew Corkhill
Sergeant of Arms: Daniel O’Hare
Public Relations Liaison: Kim Donahue

Troop A Delegate: Michael Connors
Trrop NYC Delegate: Robert Swansen


On a summer day back in Nineteen Seventeen
Came a troop of riders trottin’ smartly ‘cross the green.
Tell me, who are they in the purple and the gray?
They’re the new State Troopers on parade.

Well, they saddled up and they journeyed far and wide
Bringing law and order to the rural countryside.
Not with words but deeds did they write some history
And the tale ain’t over, no, siree!

’cause they still ride proudly in the purple and the gray
Though their boots and saddles have been long since put away.
And there’s no one anywhere can say he ever saw
The like of our Gray Riders of the Law.

Sure, they’ve come a way since they were Chandler’s Cavalry
But they’re still a paragon of guts and gallantry.
It’s the Long, Gray Line riding tall and proud and fine
With their heads high and their colors flyin'.

This Long Gray Line exerpt is a thank you from Terry O’Neill.